Are you claiming all the tax reliefs available to you?  You could pay too much tax if you fill in the tax return form incorrectly. 

We can complete the form on your behalf and calculate your tax liabilities/repayments.  The return is filed online with HM Revenue & Customs using tax software provided by one of the leading companies in the field.

Under the self-assessment tax system, tax returns are not just issued to the self-employed. They are also issued to the following:

  • Company directors.
  • Employees with benefits-in-kind and expenses/or investment income liable to tax at higher rates.
  • Landlords/landladies – both UK and Non UK resident.
  • Individuals with chargeable capital gains.
  • Individuals with investment or trust income liable to higher rate tax.
  • Retired people with pensions and investment income.
  • Personal tax planning consultations are available to mitigate liabilities and advise about the timing of transactions e.g. pension contributions.

    Individuals are responsible for telling the Revenue about their chargeability to income / capital gains tax.  If you are uncertain about whether this applied in your situation, call us to arrange a consultation.